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8 Lessons

This module is the downloads of the Tuesday Night Lives that happen on my free facebook group Parenting Children with Speech Language and/or communication difficulties

All the trainings around gaining understanding and knowledge are grouped into this module.

Dip in and out at your own leisure.



7 Lessons


This section is all about the strategies to use with your child.  These videos talk about what you can do to help your child.

If you are looking for ore in depth information, don't forget to check out my Monthly membership The Powerful Parent Tribe, where you will get all the help and support to feel empowered.

Mindset and Parenting

1 Lessons

In this section we dig deeper into the way as parents we think and feel and how this in turn affects our children.

We look at parenting and take time to think about how our words and actions affect those around us and ourselves.


Little Extras

3 Lessons