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This is my membership hub, here you will find the infomration you need to become empowered and confident in helping and advocating for your language delayed child.

There is a growing library of core content all delivered in short chunks and easy to absorb lessons and then each month new content is added.

We have a coaching and community slant to this membership too over on facebook where we give support, encouragement as well as answering questions and supporting each other.

This membership will take you on a journey from confusion to clarity, from baffled to knowledgeable, it will give you strategies, ideas and there will be some fun and laughter along the way.

To be part of this fabulous tribe of supportive parents all you have to do is join here and request access to the facebook group.

Look forward to seeing you in the other side.

Join now, you have found your tribe!

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Start Here

4 Lessons

This is where it all becomes clear.

Start here to start your journey

Monthly Schedule

4 Lessons

Screening Tools

3 Lessons

This is the section where I store any screening tools for you to use.

I will let you know as new tools get added.

Find your group

6 Lessons

For the purpose of this membership I have established 5 groups of development.  This is to help you fully understand where your child is up to and therefore work out what are the next steps in their development.

Start with the screening and then listen to the audio for your group.  You may choose to listen to all the audios so you can get the whole picture of where your child is heading.



5 Lessons

In this module I have added some more information about each group and what strategies are most important.

Activity Ideas

3 Lessons

Guest Expert

6 Lessons

In this section you can catch up on all the replays from our guest experts.

Meet the Mums

3 Lessons

In this section you can meet mums who tell us their story about their child's development and how they have managed.