The Powerful Parent Programme - 5 Steps to Talking


This experience will lead you step by step towards being your child's best language supporter

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1 Lessons

This is your starting point on this exciting journey.

It is the overview, the opportunity to see where you are and where you are heading.

STEP 1 - Gain the knowledge

6 Lessons

In this module we take a deep look at how language develops and what the stages are, what the important points are and how to recognise them.

With this knowledge you will feel empowered and confident to understand where your child is and where they need to move to next.

STEP 2 - Work out where your child is up to

8 Lessons

In this module I help you to work out where your child is up to.  Where are their strengths and how can we use these strengths to move forward.

You will also find your child placed into a group and this group will help you to connect to other parents at a similar level to you.

STEP 3 - Understand yourself

4 Lessons

One of the key skills I want to teach you in this course is the art of self awareness.  Modern life is fast and furious and there is litle time to consider self awareness but when it comes to being a parent self awareness is key.  Asking what did I do or say and what impact did it have are the main questions.

In this module I help you to explore your mindset and beliefs that will affect your parenting journey.

STEP 4 - Strategies for life

17 Lessons

STEP 5 - How the environment plays a role

6 Lessons

Reviewing and concluding

1 Lessons